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Blizzard & gog.com bring back the original Diablo

MABlizzard Entertainment and GOG.COM have teamed up to rerelease select classic Blizzard games, beginning with Diablo®, Blizzard’s legendary 1996 action role-playing game that introduced players to the harsh—and deeply rewarding—world of Sanctuary. The original Diablo is available now via digital distribution for the first time ever on GOG.COM. Players looking for the authentic Diablo experience can play […]

Nintendo Download: Behind the Seams with Kirby

March 7, 2019: This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content: Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn – One ticked-off sorcerer just banished Kirby, warping the poor puffball to a yarn world in need of saving. The twist? Having a yarn body is epic! Kirby can transform into knitted versions of vehicles […]